Cornell Custody Solutions

Helping you and your children navigate custody related issues

Cornell Custody Solutions treats the whole family.

Whether court ordered/involved or Private……We are committed to finding solutions that work for everyone involved. CCS is different in that we prefer to keep all services for children and families in house. Individual, parent-child, co-parenting is provided in the same setting and with the same provider when appropriate. 


We are court approved and provide communication and documentation with counsel and courts when needed.

Reunification Therapy

Reunification Therapy for parents and children who have experienced drift, refusal or alienation.

Co Parenting

Having a healthy working co parenting relationship is key to success. We provide both court ordered and private co-parenting therapy.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy for children involved in custody related issues. We provide both private and court ordered therapy.

Family Therapy

Family therapy can include biological parents, children and step parents. We provide a solution focused environment to do what is best for children.


Helping Co parents avoid the costly fees associated with utilizing the court to mediate simple co parenting issues.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy for adults involved in custody related issues. We provide both private and court ordered therapy.

I am a court approved and Licensed MFT, Clinical Psychologist and Mediator.

Solution focused treatment for families struggling with custody and custody related issues. I am committed to providing families and children with a space that focuses on solutions. 


Dr. Nelson de Ramirez

Founder and CEO

OC Kids Therapy, Cornell Custody Solutions & Cornell Family Therapy Behavioral Health, Inc.