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Meet Dr. Nelson de Ramirez, Founder of CCS

Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Psychotherapist, and Professional Mediator in Orange County, CA.

Dr. Nelson de Ramirez

Dr. Nelson founded OC Kids Therapy in Orange County, CA. After over a decade working with kids, teens and adults Dr. Nelson found a void in quality treatment and support for families going through divorce and custody related issues.

Too often kids were "over-therapied" with multiple professionals involved in one families case. This not only created therapy fatigue for kids it was financially draining.
In addition, too many professionals involved in these cases couldn't bridge the gap of understanding the psychological needs of the children, mediation techniques to help families move forward and the legal requirements of working with court related cases. Having degrees in Counseling, Clinical Psychology and Criminology & Law gave Dr. Nelson the background and tools to fill this void.

She found the missing component to the current treatment strategies....working with the family as a whole. She felt that it was important to have one "coach" for all players rather than a coach for each player; hence, Cornell Custody Solutions.